2 W ST.GEORGE BLVD #1 at ancestor square

George’s Corner Restaurant opened on July 4, 2012. The inspiration behind George’s is the rich history of Southern Utah. The walls are covered with pictures of our town in the 1900’s. It serves great american food made from scratch. It is known for its varied selection of local and regional beers, artisan cocktails and wine.

Our history, George Pace owned and operated the Big Hand Café, which stood on this same corner, during the 1930’s and 40’s. The Big Hand Café was the center of town, the gathering spot, the place where news was shared.It quickly became a St. George icon and a stopping place for tourists as they traveled through Southern Utah. The Greyhound bus would make its one stop in town at the Big Hand and each time it pulled in the waitresses would holler “bus in”, and they would get ready to serve the hungry travelers. Best remembered for its sign of a big hand outlined with blinking lights pointing to the front door and the lit up words “Especially Good Food”.

It was easy to find – it was located at the only stop light in town. It was one of the first buildings to be “air cooled”, which was much desired in the hot summers of Southern Utah. George’s Corner Restaurant celebrates the history of St. George and honors the great men and women who moved to this barren land and made it into a home. As the old sign promised, we serve “Especially Good Food”.